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The Mystery Lounge is Now Open!

Wild and Crazy!!

The Lunatic Lounge -- Just what you'd expect from a lunatic! Don't miss this one! Get your daily "Stupid Human Sounds" here.

Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviews and News
-- Get Your Movie Reviews Here! Is it rotten? Or is it good. This is the place to check BEFORE you plop down the big bucks for a movie.

Visit Canada!
-- They LOVE the Lizzard in Canada! This site has some great links (including this one!)

The Onion-- For some really hilarious headlines check out the Onion. Published in Milwaukee. I picked up a copy by accident one time when I was at "The Safe House", Its a riot!

The Martini -- I'll have mine shaken...not stirred!

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project -- The official site of the movie that will send chills down your spine!

The Liquor Linker -- A great place to start your virtual bar tour! Visit them today for more internet bars and liquor links. Lizzard's Lounge is featured on the "Other Liquor Sites on the Web" page! Vote for your favorite beverage here!

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