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The Gift Lounge is Now Open!

Browse through our great selection of gifts for the hard-to-buy, strange, wierd people on your list! If you hang out at Lizzard's then you must have some really strange friends, and who knows, you may need to buy them a birthday present some day. Check out my wild wierd collection below!

Even Bill Clinton Needs to Get Out of a Bad Lie Sometimes!

If you need a gift for the golfer on your list, is the best place to buy!!
Click below to see great gift ideas at low, low prices!

Chip Shot Golf

Brought to you by the good people at AMAZON.COM
The Most Amazing Bookstore on Earth! (and everywhere else!)

Lizzard's Love to Laugh!!

Dave Barry Turns 50
Old age creeping up on you? Read what one of the funniest guys around has to say about turning 50!

Penn & Teller's
How to Play in Traffic

The master's of comic horror will show you how to really have fun. Come on, let's play!

Chicken Poop for the Soul
This parody of the "Chicken Soup" series is sure to dampen your spirits! Or are you to "chicken" to buy it!!

Drinking Guides

Gambling Guides

  • All About Slots and Video Poker
    A Must on your list for the slot lover in your family!

  • Beat the House: Sixteen Ways to Win at Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and Other Table Games
    Bring this book with you on your next trip Vegas!

  • Best Blackjack
    My Favorite Game! Beef up your Blackjack with this book.

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