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The Mathu Party Page

"We're Just Here for the Beer"

Lizzards Love Beer!!

Try These Great Miller Links Today!

The MGD Tap Room -- This is the place to start!
Miller Lite Home Page -- Another great page!
St Pauli Girl -- Check out this babe!
Leinenkugel -- Try the Honey Weiss, it's great! Give me a Leine!
The Real Beer Page -- Everything you ever wanted to know about Beer!

Hangover Cures Sold Here!

The Global Hangover Guide
Become a scout of The Global Hangover League Here!

Welcome to Hangover Hell!
Ali's got a great database of all the hangover cures you'll ever need!

Ask Dr. Weil
He's got the answers to your hangover problems!

The Real Mother's Hangover Page
Mother knows best!

Call the Dentist!

99 Ways to open a beer bottle -- Lost the bottle opener? Don't sweat it! Just pop in here and find out how to open that bottle (starting with your teeth!!!)

Are You Sober Enough to Surf?

Hey Pal! I don't need any trouble here! Take this test to see if you should log-off now! "Mirsky's Drunk Browsing Test"

Let's Go Bar Hopping!

Let's Go! -- Ready to checkout some other virtual bars? The safest way to do that is right here on the internet!

Time To Repent Sinners!

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