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A new hot hunk
Are you as easily amused as the Lizzard? Enter the center! Watch fat men dance, or make yourself a chocolate covered Easter bunny, and much more! Where "life is too short to be taken seriously!"

You've got to watch the Bug and Duck animated Cartoon Joke above --
just for YOU, my favorite customer!

Thanks to Keith Cross / Kick A Bug Productions for our new Feature!

Costello's Pub

Visit Costello's, our Pick of the month. A great place on the Chain of Lakes. Click here for more information on Costello's and other great local establishiments!

Know a place in Lake County, IL that would like to link to us? Just click on your waitress to send me an e-mail and we'll add them to the list.


Lizzard's Chat Room is Now Open!

Don't be afraid! Click above and come chat with your Bartender, the Lizzard!
Talk about your favorite drinks, jokes and places you like to go on the internet!


Happy Hour Lounge -- It's Party Time! Stop by for a well deserved drink. Visit virtual bars and do a little pub crawling on the web! Need a new drink idea? Come on in and try something new today!

We're drinking a "Fitz" today, so come on in and see how to make one!

The Joke Lounge -- Heard any good ones lately? Stop by and pick-up a new one to share with your friends!
Lizzard's Joke of the week here!

The Game Lounge
-- Viva Las Vegas! I love gambling, card games, trivia! What's your game? See if we've got a link to your favorites here. Come on, lets gamble!

Check your lottery numbers in a flash!

The Photo Lounge -- Every bar has its picture posting board where the regulars can relive the fun! Wouldn't you love to have your picture here?! Just e-mail me your photo and you will become part of the Lizzard Lounge "family", and what a fun family it is!

The Gift Lounge -- Stop by and browse through this unique collection of gifts. Great gifts for the hard to buy for "jokester" in your family. Books on humor, drinking, beer, gambling -- and more!

Here's a good game!
Check out Penn & Teller's New Book
"How to Play in Traffic"

The Mystery Lounge -- Its a mystery to me why I put these links here! Stop by and see what surprises are in store for you. Links to bizzare and crazy places.

The Local Lounge -- Lake County, Illinois is Lizzard's stomping ground. Head here for local info, and other interesting local links! Includes Lake County's Hot Spot on the Web!

Visit Lizzard's Community Center
Check on events, view pictures and and leave messages for other members here

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Just type in "Lizzard's Lounge below and the Humor Search Engine will take you there. Then you can bookmark this site so you can find Lizzard's Lounge faster. And HEY! Try this too! Just type in the word "joke" and see how many great joke pages you can find! Then E-Mail me your favorites to share with your friends!

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